Advantages of Optimum

Investing through Optimum offers a number of benefits designed to help you effectively invest for and enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Flexibility and choice
Optimum provides a range of multi-manager and single-sector investment options designed to suit a variety of risk profiles.

To find out more about available investment options, please refer to the Investment choice page.

Diversification involves investing your money across different securities, sectors, asset classes and even investment managers in order to reduce your risk. Putting it simply, diversification can be explained by the saying, "Don't put all your eggs in the one basket".

Convenient online access
With Optimum, there's no need to wait for a report to see how your investments are performing. Keeping up to date is easy, with convenient online access to all your account details, including portfolio value, asset allocation and insurance cover information.

You can access this service any time through the Access My Account tab on the menu bar.

Competitive fees
Perron Group of Companies has negotiated with Capital Managers and Optimum to bring you lower investment management fees, which means more money in your pocket.

Information at your fingertips
Managing your account is made simple with the ability to conveniently access online any forms that you may require to update your details, change your investment options or to access one of our other services.

Holding life insurance through your super account can be a tax-effective way of paying premiums to provide you with the security of knowing you have taken care of the most important people in your life if the unexpected happens. In addition to the insurance cover you automatically recieve by being included in the plan, with Optimum you have the added flexibility of being able to tailor insurance to your needs with the choice of individually selected cover.

To find out more about the insurances that you automatically receive and the additional options available, please refer to the Insurance page.

To individually select or tailor your insurances, please contact Capital Managers.

Consolidating your super
The Perron Group of Companies Superannuation Plan will accept rollovers from other personal or employer superannuation funds. For assistance with this please contact Capital Managers.

Additional Contributions
You have the choice to make additional contributions by way of either:

  • Personal (non-concessional) contributions
  • Employer salary sacrifice concessional) contributions

To arrange either of these please contact the Perron Group of Companies Human Resources department.