Investment Choice

What are the investment options?
Optimum gives you the choice of over 60 investment options from leading investment managers such as:

  • Suncorp
  • Colonial First State
  • BT
  • Perpetual
  • Macquarie
  • Tyndall
  • Investors Mutual ... and more

Investment options include:

  • Australian & International Shares
  • Property
  • Australian & International Fixed Interest
  • Conservative, Balanced & Growth Funds

Click here for a complete listing of all of the investment options.

Personalised Investment Strategies
Should you wish to design your own investment strategy, you are able to select up to 12 of the 60 options available and make switches between investments at any time. A form to select or change your investment strategy is located on the Forms page.

If you would like advice in regard to setting up your personalised investment strategy, we are able to help. Please contact Capital Managers as we will need to discuss your attitude to investing (otherwise known as your risk profile) and other relevant factors with you.

What if I do not wish to choose my investment strategy?
No Problems. When you are enrolled into the fund you are automatically enrolled into the Ibbotson Growth Trust.

How can I monitor the performance of the fund?
Online access can be organised to your fund. You can track the performance of your fund along with the contributions going into your fund, the insurances you hold and can also update your details when you change your address. To register for online access, visit the Registration page. Once you are registered you will be forwarded your logon details via mail after which you can access your plan via the Access My Account page.

For more information, please visit our FAQs page or contact our office.