Policy Committee Presentation

The Perron Group of Companies Superannuation Plan Policy Committee forms an integral part of the communication chain between members of the fund and the Advisers to the fund, Capital Managers.

The Policy Committee is comprised of equal representation of both Perron Group of Companies management and co-workers who are members of the fund.

Once a year Capital Managers makes a presentation to the Policy Committee providing comprehensive information of investment markets and how the default fund investment strategy has been impacted by movements in the markets in which investments are made. Out of this may come recommendations to change the investment strategy which if agreed upon will be forwarded to members for their individual consideration.

The Policy Commitee also receives information and recommendations on benefit upgrades so as to ensure members are maximising their opportunities.

All members of the fund have the opportunity to be included in the Policy Committee by registering their interest with the Plan Advisers for includsion in the election of office bearers which occurs when a committee member retires. 

Should you be interested in registering your interest, please don't hesitate to contact us.